TV Talk: A Review Of 2013 Fall Shows

I’ve had far too much free time in the last week so I put it to use by exploring all of the new fall shows for this year. There are roughly ten of them that I wanted to check out with no expectation of keeping up with more than two or three. So far several have been lacking, but luckily I still have more on my list. Here are my brief thoughts on the ones I have watched so far.

1. OUAT In Wonderland: I like the idea, most of the cast, and the central story, but the show as a whole is still completely lacking in a way that is hard to describe. We are given a strong Alice that completely goes against the Alice that we grew up with. She has a depth to her that the writers have carefully crafted, exploring many of the characteristics that will set her apart and move the story forward. Unfortunately, the experience of wonderland and this new take on a classic tale is tainted by the horrible CGI that unquestionably takes away from the show, rather than adding to it. I feel like the magic is lost because of the subpar graphics.

2. Super Fun Night: For those of us who love Rebel Wilson this show was a highly anticipated arrival. Sadly, though, its arrival only brought with it disappointment and the overwhelming desire for it to be cancelled. I’m fairly certain that I didn’t laugh even once during the pilot. Instead of enjoying it, I was counting down the minutes until it was over. The supporting cast is weak, the comedy/writing is lifeless, and Wilson’s American accent is horrible and awkward. I give it another month before it’s cancelled.

3. Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D: Let’s be honest: a great number of us were really looking forward to this show. We were bombarded with ads and sneak previews that followed the success of last year’s Avengers movie and we loved every second of it. We waited anxiously and giggled excitedly every time another commercial came on announcing its impending arrival. The odd part about this excitement, though, is that we very consciously deluded ourselves into thinking the show would be great, when we all knew it would be mediocre at best. I blame it on my love of Marvel and my disgusting optimism for all things related to it, despite the movie failures over the years. No matter the reason, the fact remains that the acting is average, the characters seem two-dimensional, and the show has gotten off to a slow and rough start.

4. The Crazy Ones: I’ve always been a huge fan of Robin Williams; I can’t think of a single piece of work that I haven’t liked or appreciated in some way. Being that he is one of my favorite actors I was really looking forward to this show; I was not entirely sure, however, how I would feel about the supporting cast. After watching the first few episodes, though, I find myself in awe of how much it just works: the cast, the characters, and the overall story. The show may not be one of the best comedies on television yet, but it is definitely holding its own in the arena. The characters balance one another better than I had anticipated and Sarah Michelle Gellar has especially surprised me with acting that doesn’t bore or annoy me like it usually does.

5. The Tomorrow People: The CW has had its share of failures over the years with shows that either don’t have what it takes to survive more than a season or shows that are kept afloat for far longer than they should be (Arrow Anyone?). The Tomorrow People, however, is looking to be one of its potential hits. The cast is strong, the concept is intriguing, and the first episode was captivating. It’s hard to tell this early, however, which way this show will go. With some bang-up writing and continually strong performances by the cast, I think I’ll keep on coming back for more.

Until next time…stay classy.
– C.M. Berry


About C.M. Berry

I'm an aspiring author, blogger, and poet fluent in sarcasm, profanity, and dark humor. I have something to say about everything and whether you love me or hate me, you'll always come back for more.
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