The Procrastinator’s Reference Guide (Part One)

Let’s face it: we all procrastinate from time to time, putting off homework, the demands of our jobs, or even the anxieties of facing uncomfortable social situations. The things that really should get done now take a back seat to whatever we choose to do as alternatives. Chances are that at this very moment you are only reading this because you are putting off something more important.

We all rationalize that we have plenty of time to get these things done or that we simply need a break from the hard work that we’ve already put in when in reality we all know that when we finally get around to doing whatever it is that we’re avoiding, there is little to no time left to put in the appropriate amount of effort that the task requires. For some of us this works; as the pressure mounts and the amount of time trickles away, we perform at the highest level. For most of us, however, this is not the case. Despite the reality of it all, sometimes we need that brief reprieve where laziness, avoidance, or an utter lack of work ethic take hold for an hour or two. With that being said I have compiled a list of things that I use on a nearly daily basis to avoid the occasional stresses of my life.


My Life Is Average was a favorite of mine in college. Whenever I brought my computer to a lecture and was bored out of my mind by whatever the professor was rambling about, I would find myself on this site laughing hysterically in the back of the class. At the time I could easily spend an hour or so reading through the ridiculous stories. While some may be unworthy of your precious procrastination time, there are some gems on this site that will make all of the bad posts worth reading.


Let’s be honest: Facebook is by far the ultimate procrastination tool for any college-aged (or high school-aged) individual. Who doesn’t want to legally stalk their friends and know the details of their lives every hour on the hour? Not only can you creep on your friends or complete strangers, but you have the added bonus of countless games and Facebook chat to connect with everyone else who is procrastinating as well. Win!


I was initially introduced to The Onion in high school by a friend of mine who was more or less a political junky. The Onion is a news source unlike anything you’ve come across before, filled with sarcasm, satire, and unexpected hilarity relating to current events. If you’re looking for a touch of wit and a laugh or two at the expense of major public figures, this is the site for you.


This comedy-riddled website is one of the greatest gems you will find on the internet. The stick figure comics paired with the ridiculous nature of each make for a fun time. The shock value alone from some of these comics will always keep you coming back for more.


The beautiful thing about College Humor is that not only does it have a wide variety of things for you to do, but it doesn’t discriminate against any particular person or thing. They make fun of all things equally! If you want an endless supply of laughs check it out.


We’ve all seen random funny photos on the internet that we simply cannot help but smile at. Not only will you smile at some of these images, but you may wet yourself with laughter as well. The great thing about this site is that every card says something that you and I have thought about saying, but never really had the nerve to. If you really want to avoid your homework and get in some good laughs in the meantime, take a look at what this site has to offer.


YouTube is by far one of the greatest things that I have ever come across. There is no doubt in my mind that a person could spend an entire day or more watching the infinite number of videos on this site; videos ranging from kittens doing sickeningly adorable things to the hilarious inner thoughts of Jenna Marbles. The wonders of YouTube never cease and with the endless supply of videos there is bound to be something for everyone.


In the last year or so we have seen a dramatic rise in what are known as “memes,” which more or less are funny photos with words that depict some of the ironic and ridiculous things pertaining to our lives. Many memes are centered on the inside jokes of a college campus and to outsiders, they hardly make sense. The great thing about memes is that you are almost guaranteed to find a website online with a host of them dedicated to your college or university with words that will only make sense to you, a member of its community.


TFLN became a very popular thing towards the end of my undergraduate college career in 2011. Various sites take in these random texts that either are insanely funny out of context or are simply funny no matter the context. Some are crude, but almost all of them provide you with a welcomed alternative to doing your work.


I’ll be perfectly honest and tell you that I have only recently been acquainted with Tumblr. From what I gather it is much like some of the other blogging websites and very popular across various groups. Most of the accounts on there that I have encountered focus heavily on images, rather than words, but there is definitely something for everyone. I do know for sure that no matter what you come across on there, you’ll leave feeling like you’ve gained something memorable, be it a favorite quote, a new love of photography, or a new insight on something you have previously been blind to.

No matter your taste in comedy or the ways in which you waste your time, the internet has a wide array of sources to help in your procrastination efforts. If you have any of your own suggestions (as I am sure there are countless more) please feel free to share. Don’t forget to like my page on facebook or follow my blog for frequent writing updates.

Until next time…stay classy.

– C.M. Berry


About C.M. Berry

I'm an aspiring author, blogger, and poet fluent in sarcasm, profanity, and dark humor. I have something to say about everything and whether you love me or hate me, you'll always come back for more.
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One Response to The Procrastinator’s Reference Guide (Part One)

  1. Abra says:

    Love it!! 🙂
    If you haven’t checked out pinterest, i highly suggest you do! There’s no going back!! haha


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