A Touch Of Poetry: A Brightly Burning Flame

This poem, like many of my others, was written for and about the only person I have ever loved. Unfortunately unlike the other poems, this one was written to illustrate one of the many times that this person broke my heart. Luckily for me I eventually stopped allowing him to…Enjoy. Comments and/or constructive criticisms are always welcome.

“A Brightly Burning Flame”

My teardrops stung the steering wheel

As I drove into the black

And kept my heart upon the feel

Of never looking back.

I took off down that winding road,

Wounded; far beyond all sense,

Carrying a most taxing load

So terribly immense.

The sheer weight of disappointment

Was just more than I could bear

And in a moment of lament

I wished that you were there.

A single thought that made me ill

To the reaches of my core.

How could I even want you still

When I was nothing more

Than a means to an end? A toy

Used in such a senseless game

That, given time, would soon destroy

A brightly burning flame.

Until next time…stay classy.

– C.M. Berry


About C.M. Berry

I'm an aspiring author, blogger, and poet fluent in sarcasm, profanity, and dark humor. I have something to say about everything and whether you love me or hate me, you'll always come back for more.
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