Crossroads: Facing The Fork

“Follow your heart. Do what makes you happy…” We’ve all heard these words at some point from a friend or family member, sometimes even a stranger. They tell us to put logic in the passenger seat and let emotion take the wheel for a while; to trust our intuition over the resounding whispers of what we “should” rationally do. The reality of the situation, however, is that few things in this life are ever that black and white. Rarely do we find ourselves in a position in which we can ignore the trappings of logic and dive head first into the urgings of our hearts.

From the moment I left high school and ventured into the world I have found myself repeatedly at various crossroads in my life; forks in the road where I have had to decide which path to choose. I have had to consider everything from the logical standpoint of finance, dependability, and any number of other factors to the emotional workings of my inner self with questions of happiness and internal peace. Time and time again I have had to make conscious decisions about who I want to be and where I want to end up when my life’s journey is complete.

Few, if any, of these decisions have been easy and in the last few years I have prided myself on having the courage to take a stand against the demands of life and to make decisions based upon my feelings rather than my logic; to come face to face with the fork in the road and choose the path that will lead to happiness. Lately, however, it seems like life is demanding so much that few of us can make decisions based on feelings anymore. As the bills start piling up and our resources begin to deplete, we are continually inclined to choose the path that will maintain the status quo. We choose to ignore our happiness in order to meet the demands of this world. As I get older and begin to see how easily we become trapped in lives that are hardly indicative of what we truly want, I am somewhat saddened by the reality of it all.

Instead of chasing our dreams and choosing the path that we truly want, we settle; we do what has to be done to stay afloat in a world that only wants to sink us. We sacrifice our dreams for stability and fall victim to the insidious nature of logic. In no time at all we find ourselves wondering where the hell it all went wrong. When did I become this person? How did I end up at this point in my life? What the f*** was I thinking? We continue to stand at the fork in the road and ultimately make our choices based on nothing more than the security that they provide, rather than the possibilities that may arise from the path that our hearts truly want to take.

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I don’t want to wake up one day and feel like I only did something because it was the logical thing to do. I don’t want to wake up and realize that happiness took a back seat to reason. Life is short and at any moment it could be taken from us. Everything within our grasp could be yanked away without any notice. I think many of us need to remember when we come to these crossroads that everything we do is half chance. Neither path is going to be smooth; to think otherwise is naïve on so many levels. Neither path will give us everything that we want. All we can do is choose the path that means the most to us, embrace the bumps along the way, and hope that the end result is what we want and more.

It’s never going to be easy and times will come when we want to choose the path that provides the most security. For many of us, that’s exactly what we will do; we’ll follow our logic instead of our hearts. But every once in a while if we’re brave enough and willing to take a stand against the demands of life, we’ll choose the path that is right for us and end up with the happiness that is rightfully ours. It all begins with a choice. Choose wisely.

Until next time…stay classy.

–          C.M. Berry

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About C.M. Berry

I'm an aspiring author, blogger, and poet fluent in sarcasm, profanity, and dark humor. I have something to say about everything and whether you love me or hate me, you'll always come back for more.
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