Vital Signs

Today I find myself thinking about signs; the signs that the universe sends our way to let us know that it’s time for a change or to stray from the path we’re on and begin a new one. Most people would probably say that it’s ridiculous to believe that the universe or some mighty being out there would send us messages to point us in the right direction, but lately I’m not so sure that it’s as ridiculous as it may initially seem. In the past few weeks alone I feel as if something is pointing me in one particular direction through little signals that I have been repeatedly ignoring. I continue to dismiss each little coincidence as nothing more than that: a coincidence. What if all of these little coincidences are actually directions to where I’m supposed to be? Or what I am supposed to be doing? Or who I am supposed to be with?

I always tell myself that everything happens for a reason and that everything in life works out the way it is meant to; certain events must happen before other events can happen and in order to gain something we must lose something first. Today I’m wondering if these apparent signs are part of some grand design and I’ve been too closed off or pessimistic to understand their purpose. What if every little thing I’ve come across from the repeating set of numbers I keep seeing to the unlikely opportunities that continually present themselves are things that I should be paying closer attention to? What if these signs have the answers I have been looking for?

Or maybe just maybe I’m trying to find meaning in something that really has no meaning in order to make sense of things that I cannot make sense of. I guess there is really no way for me to know. Maybe I just need to follow the possible signs that the universe may be throwing my way and see where I end up. I guess it’s all I can really do. None of us really know what will happen tomorrow; all we can do is go with the flow and hope that we end up where we are meant to be with the people we are meant to be with.

Until next time…stay classy.

–          C.M. Berry


About C.M. Berry

I'm an aspiring author, blogger, and poet fluent in sarcasm, profanity, and dark humor. I have something to say about everything and whether you love me or hate me, you'll always come back for more.
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