About Me

Welcome to Colormechris: a place to see who I am, who I’ve been, and maybe even who I will be. With each new day, new experience, new moment in time, I am a new person; one who is continually growing and evolving with the world around me. With that said, my views expressed here are often fluid and change with time. I sometimes think about going back to posts from three, four, even five years ago and altering them because I no longer hold the views I once did. When I take a moment to think about it, though, I arrive at the following conclusion:

My posts and the views contained with them should remain as they are in their purest form, a snapshot of who I was at that point in time. Each post is a piece of my personal history and serves a purpose. Only by remembering the past, can we shape the future.

Keep an open mind so that we can explore this world together.

Author’s Note:

As a creative individual, I’ve always been driven by inspiration that comes in many forms and at the most random of times.

Ideas fuel me and possibility propels me forward.

This is my creative space where I can explore and showcase all that this world has to offer, primarily through my art and writing.

I’m an aspiring author, sporadic blogger and poet, and life-long artist with too much to say about any and everything. I’m direct, articulate, and a tad bit witty. Sometimes even insightful.

I have a BA in Psychology from The University of Massachusetts, Amherst that I (arguably) do not use.

I work in the staffing industry by day and spend the rest of my time pursuing my passions.

Feel free to explore this space with me.

Thanks for stopping by!

– Chris


3 Responses to About Me

  1. Joanne LaCrosse says:

    You rock for your letter to BMC they killed my mother. I was 11 when she died. She went to the e.r. multiple times ( maybe 5 or 6 ) with chest pain they told her it was anxiety go home. well one day she collapsed and was rushed to bmc only to flat line at least 3x in the ambulance, and died of coronary arterial scerosis (sp)( all main artiers to her heart were clogged. (she stood 5’8″ tall and weighed at most 135) the doctor at bmc told my father “had she come to us 2 weeks ago she would still be alive.” to which my father replied “she was here 2 weeks ago and was told it was anxiety to go home.” to which the doctor asked ” well who did she see?” my father calmly and firmly replied “YOU.” when they got wind that we were going to sue them, her medical records suddenly vanished, not in the medical library or in the records no one could find them, and my cousin who work in the records dept was FIRED when she did find copies and tried to turn them over to our lawyer, those copies to disappeared.****god speed and fear bm for they are clueless and lack more than we will ever know.****


    • C.M. Berry says:

      Joanne, I’m really sorry to hear about your mother and your experience there. I wish there was something of comfort I could say. I can, however, promise you that I am doing everything within my own power to try and fix some of the issues that are present. By speaking up and writing this letter, I’m hoping that my concerns are met and addressed in the manner in which we need them to be. I guess only time will tell. Thank you for sharing this with me!


      • Joanne LaCrosse says:

        You are so very welcome. 21 years of heartache are helping ease the sting. They were not much better with my father either. Our family has been through hell with bmc which we refer to as berkshire murder center. Unless I can not fix the illness my self I dont go there.


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